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The Full Story

Dreko Music Productions LLC (D.M.P) - is a for-profit company that's in the field of the Public Creatives Industry - which is a sector of the Music Industry; we concentrate on Artistic Development and  Music & Media Production Services for Local (Indie) Artists & other Talented Individuals. Our mission is to help Local Artists go through the process that any talented individual, must experience in order to develop a craft and skill, that's necessary for building a professional career in the music industry. We are also Concert & Event Promoters - that specialize in creating music festivals & talent showcases that aid in building talented individuals through empowering the help of the community so that they become familiar with the Talented Individuals' Brand. Our main reason for existence is to develop successful Musically Innovative Entrepreneurs.

Founded by Dreko Tha Prophet (Mr. Andreius Moore) and his Wife & Business Partner, Mrs. Alisha "LeeLah" Moore in 2016. The idea of helping the Local Artists', developed from the personal experience of DreKo Tha Prophet, in his many years of trying to overcome the main barriers to entry and difficult life hurdles that many Local Artist endure; this lead to his mission to start a company that assist in providing essential services & products for the Local Artists' & Talented Individuals  who struggle with understanding how to navigate through the music & entertainment industry. We are the Artist Relations Managers, that provide supportive services for rising Talent.


“DreKo Music Productions is dedicated to providing Musical Entrepreneurs with a Brand Identity so that they can understand how to navigate through the music industry.” 


"Our goal is to help these entrepreneurs develop into successful, professional Artists."


"Our core values are integrity, team building work ethics, compassion, accountability, healthy competition, personal growth, mindset wellness and fairness."

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